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Salamis has a population of 38022 citizens and belongs to Attica State and prefecture of Piraeus. The island has one municipality, Salamina Municipality (established 1835). Have a special relevance:

-In Salamis, the Archaeological Museum (tel. (210) 46.35.372), that shows houses finds from the area. In the Folklore Museum (tel. (210) 46.57.361) there are local costumes, tools, vessels and other objects. The Euripides Theater was inaugurated in September of 1993, has a 3000 seating capacity and plays, concerts and many more cultural events are hosted in the theatre throughout the year.

-The earliest archaeological site on the island is at Ambelakia, 4 km SE of Salamina. The naval battle of Salamis was fought here.

-Selinia is located 8 km SE of the town. The seaside village of Moulki or Aianteio is 6 km SW of the town in an area of pine woods. The recently explored Cave of Euripides, at Peristeria, has not only yielded significant finds but is also the place where tradition relates that the poet withdrew to write his tragedies.

-About 6 km NW of the town is the Convent of Faneromeni,  with rich wall-paintings, a collection of ecclesiastical treasures, an icon-painting and a weaving workshop, as well as a hospice. It  was rebuilt in the 17th century by Lampros Kanelos (Saint Laurentios), on the spot were he found the Ikon of The Virgin Mary. And he named the Church Faneromeni meaning (Reveled). In August the 23 and 24, people goes to Faneromeni to worship TheVirgin Mary from all parts of the world.  Information: tel. (210) 46.81.940.

-As far as swimming is concerned, the best beaches of Salamis are Resti, Iliakti, Aianteio, Perani, Kiriza, Maroudi, Peristeria, Kolones, Satirli, Piriakoni, Kanakiani.

-The two windmills looking over the city are the only two that have survived from the 10 that existed on the island. They were built in the 19th century. They were used to grind wheat to make flour.

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