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Salamis is the largest island in the Saronic golf and the closest to Attica. It is situated in the northern part of the Saronic golf and is separated by sea with Pachi (northwest) and with Piraeus (east), this part of the sea is called Elefsina Bay. The length of the coasts is 104 km, while the area of the island reaches 95 km2 and the highest mountain is called Mavrovouni (365m).

Salamis has a population of 38022 citizens and belongs to Attica State and prefecture of Piraeus. The island has one municipality, Salamina Municipality (established 1835).

PALOUKIA: A big port densely built extending to the north up to the Naval Port, which is the main ship-repairing centre in Greece, and to the south up to the Kamateros port.

SALAMINA: It is the capital of the island, a sprawling city with an undefined street-plan and great commercial activity. Despite its extent and its accessibility by sea, it is not coastally connected with the nearby Peloponese.

AEANDIO or MOULKI: A rather sparcely populated area on the west coast, in the south of Salamina, with a hotel and few restaurants. There is a long shore, which is not suitable for swimming, though.

KANAKIA: A tourist resort in the southwest coast, with the country houses especially of the suburban inhabitants of Piraeus. On the grey-pebbled beach there is also a taverna.

SELINIA: A holiday resort which is the nearest one to Perama, highly touristy in the summer. There is direct coastal link with Piraeus.

How to go there: By small ferry from Perama in Pireas. Numerous daily departures. For information check the "Transportation" section.


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