Juil 11
Mise à jour le 25 Juillet 2011



The Lyceum aims at competing the purpose of education. It especially helps pupils:

a) To understand deeper social reality. Make the correct choices regarding further studies and to become established professionally. To shape their characters and personalities so they’re able to integrate harmoniously and contribute to the financial, social, and cultural development of their country.

b) To make aware the deeper meaning of Christian Orthodox morals and firm dedication to all human values. To understand the significance and democratic dialogue and the participation in common activities.

c) To acquire a deeper and more meaningful knowledge and self-awareness in order to cope with judgement and creative spirit of life, the sciences, the Arts and the Greek and world wide civilizations.

d) To develop an inquiring attitude, by studying and have deeper knowledge of historical events (Greek or global) and to know the history of the arts and sciences.

e) To enrich knowledge and language skills by developing aesthetic criteria and the quality of their artistic expression.

The master kinetic abilities and tendencies within defind athletic activities.

Types of Lyceum:


Classical Studies

Technical and professions

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